​Twin Butte Community Society​

For a what seems like a very long time now (I'm sure most of you can relate) the Twin Butte Community Society has been fundraising towards a barrier-free addition onto the South-East corner of the Hall. This is in an effort to make our Hall more accessible to folks in wheelchairs, on crutches, or maybe just with bad knees, because let's be honest, those stairs are plain treacherous!

The split-level addition will provide the Hall with two barrier-free washrooms, a wheelchair lift giving access to both the basement and the main auditorium, a new and improved coat-check and ticketing area and (if we have our way) a small display area honoring the history of the Hall.  

We want to thank our community for their on-going generosity, patience and commitment to this project.

We are very happy to say that Phase I of the construction is now complete. Phase I consisted of the complete construction of the exterior (minus the siding, which has been delayed by poor weather) and the interior is dry-walled and primed. It really looks great!

We are back to the drawing board now to raise more funds to complete the interior finishing and installation of the fixtures and elevator for Phase II. We are very excited to see it complete!


Phase II is nearly complete and we can't wait to show you everything that we've been working on. Be sure to attend the County Fair on September 3rd to celebrate this milestone!